• Central system Smart Qubix solution
  • Offline or Online
  • 3.5″ TFT touch screen
  • Ethernet / WiFi
  • 485 serial communication
  • Zigbee IEEE802.15.4 (optional)

Recommended Retail Price 


The Smart Qubix Controller is the central hart of the Smart Qubix System.

The Controller runs the software and communicates with the satellite sensors and activators.

The Controller collects all data from the sensors in the pool, stores it locally or/and in the cloud.

Smart Sockets and/or 24V Dry Contacts can be used with the Controller to control peripheral equipment (lights, irrigation, fans, etc.) based on a schedular and/or sensor data and thresholds set related to specific parameters (temperature, humidity, etc.).

The Smart Qubix Controller can store data locally (e.g. if no Internet connection is available) or in the Cloud so the data can be accessed via a Web browser or mobile app.

- 12V current
- 485 serial communication (hardwired)
- Zigbee IEEE802.15.4 standard with use of Zibee gateway (optional)
- 3.5" TFT touchscreen
- USB storage
- Ethernet
- Linux based